What is up you guys!

Big news… I am going on a missions trip to Uruguay! I’ve been waiting for about a year to go on this trip, and the time has finally come! This is going to be a blog series. I might blog on travel tips and hacks, share pictures of our trip, give updates, things I’ve learned, the adventures I’ve had, things like that. It’s going to be a lot of fun! So for the first post…Travel Essentials! I have traveled enough in my life time to know what some of the essentials for traveling are! These, in my opinion, are the smart things to pack when flying and even driving.

Neck pillow or blanket.

Something to lay your head down on. Flying or driving for many hours requires rest! Even if you’re not full on sleeping, trust me, you’ll need a (neck) pillow or blanket.


Something(s) to keep you busy. I know this may sound weird, but I just learned how to play Sudoku, and I’m addicted. It’s not just for old people; I’m a teenager and love it! Hey, whatever floats your boat. Maybe bring a book, movie(s), music, download some new apps/games, word searches, or it all!


You will need these to listen to your music, movies, etc. And to block out other noises so you can have some peace and quiet!


This is an awesome thing to bring on a plane! You know that popping in your ears when you’re on a plane? Eating gum really helps! Plus, fresh breath!

Hand sanitizer or wipes.

When you are a round hundreds of people and billions of germs, you’re going to need hand sanitizer or wipes. I usually use hand sanitizer for my hands (who would have thought?) and the wipes for the tray in front of my seat on the plane. It isn’t going to kill every germ and keep you in this germ-free bubble, but it will help lessen all that great stuff.

Don’t forget the passport!

Obviously, you can’t forget this if you’re flying out of the country, but even if you’re flying within it, your passport is an awesome form of identification. Think about it. A lot (if not all) your information is on that thing. You needed your birth certificate and social security for that passport. That’s a lot of identification!


Hey. If I’m flying all day or a couple of days, and have a longer layover, I’m brushing my teeth, people! I am one of those people who hates to have unbrushed teeth. If I go a day without brushing…I just feel unclean and gross, it’s just not comfortable. So, if you’re like me, bring a toothbrush;)


Everybody gets munchie and hungry. Even though they hand out some snacks and drinks on the plane, I’d bring extra. Especially if you’re not a fan of the snacks handed out on the plane. If you’ve never flown before, usually the snacks that are handed out are: peanuts, pretzels, crackers/cookies, and one time, they had chips.


For some reason, every time I go on an airplane, my lips get chap! So I definitely suggest to pack some for your next flight.

What are your traveling essentials or favorite place to visit? Share in the comments down below. Thanks for visiting; I hope this will help your next traveling experience be more way easier and more comfortable!

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