I am back from a very long blogging break! This May was pretty busy for me. Finishing up the school year, I was in a play (Anne of Green Gables), Memorial Day, soccer, you get the idea. 😉 Now that summer is upon us, I will have a lot more free time and mental sanity with school over! I’m very excited to see where summer 2019 takes us! In summer: hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water is warmer, drinks are colder, music is louder, nights get longer, life gets better. And boy, I am ready to soak it all up! So to start off today I’m sharing my summer bucket list. I made this list with some friends to complete together, so a lot of these things are group activities. I also made this list into an image you can print, pin, save, etc. Now we can all have a fun summer 2019! Grab some friends and let’s go⇒


summer2019list (1)
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Okay, the first item on the list “Sleepover in the pool” may be confusing, haha. What we’re going to do is get blow-up pools and fill them with pillows and blankets. Then put the blow-up pools in our actual pool! Like this:


I loved this idea and couldn’t wait to put it on the bucket list! Have any of you done this?

That would wrap it up for this post… What would you add to the list or are planning to do over summer break? Drop a comment below! I love hearing from you guys and getting more ideas! I hope you all have a blast this summer; make the most of it! Spend time with friends and family and make memories!

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