I’m back! It has been a while since I have last blogged here at Short & Sweet! My last post was in July. Where is this year going!? I feel like I blinked and boom. November. Actually, it’s the end of November! Time goes by so fast, and lately, I have just been wanting to soak up every moment. Part of that was to take a break from blogging. Life gets busy, and sometimes you have to just take a little off your plate. If you’re doing too many things at once, you won’t be able to enjoy, pause, take your time or do things well. And I want to do things well. Not just throw up any random blog post real quick in the name of “posting consistency”.

Now that we’re on Thanksgiving break, I have some time to get inspired, sit down, and write. Honestly, the only thing that has brought me to this particular blog post is God. This is something He has taught me this last week, and I wanted to share it. I wrote this in my journal two days ago.

Psalm 34:8 “O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” I’ve lost my taste recently and not due to covid somehow (a miracle). I’m going on my sixth day without smell or taste. Nothing. This verse in Psalms popped in my head. At first I was like, “Oh, haha, funny. Taste and see. Very ironic.” But as I thought about it I wondered, “Okay, how really can you taste God’s goodness?”

Not being able to taste or smell really takes a toll on you, let me tell ya. If I can’t taste food, then what’s the point? I don’t care about it; it doesn’t interest me; I don’t want more of it. And I’m missing out on so much!

Taste the Lord’s goodness…

I think what the psalmist is saying here is that if we don’t taste or experience God’s goodness, we are not going to care about it. We are not going to desire it or want more, and WE ARE MISSING OUT! We wonder why we don’t have a desire for God, why we are missing something. We don’t taste! I love that the verse says to taste AND see. We eat with our eyes just as much as, if not more, with our tongue. Taste is great and all, but how much more enjoyable is it when your plate is pretty, when your dessert is a work of art, when our drinks are garnished… you can see how good it is before you even taste it. And when those two things work together… Oh my! I’ll have seconds please! Even when we’re full we still fit in a few more bites. Hey, look at God’s goodness! Look for it too. Open your eyes. Make a deliberate decision to taste, to see, to experience the Lord and His goodness. We are missing out on so much, and our walks seem dull. Stop being pessimistic. Start praying. Stop doubting. Start reading God’s Word. Stop frowning. Start smiling because you have Jesus. Stop worrying. Start trusting and living in the present. Stop self-serving. Start serving others. Stop coveting and complaining. Start being thankful and content. Trust me, you don’t want to lose your taste. The day I can physically taste/smell again, I will be eating so much, haha. And I have a feeling once we start embracing seeing and tasting that the Lord is good, we will want so much more, we won’t be able to get enough.

Some good news is that as I am writing this, I can smell breakfast being made, and I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! But I am so thankful for the lessons taught to me as a result of all this. I want to encourage you to not waste the trials, the hard times, the bad days, the time of rest, the waiting, whatever it is. What is God teaching you through this? Listen. And I have to admit, I am not the best at listening. But God is merciful, gracious, and loving, and He still speaks to me. He is SO good! Thanks for stopping by today! I will be posting more consistently/frequently again, so I’ll see you guys around! 😉

Until next time,