2019! It’s here already. Last year of the 2010’s and then we’re on to the 20’s. Time goes by so fast. It’s crazy to think that these are the last days of 2018, and then they’re gone, and we can never get them back. Our lives are like vapors; they are there for a little time and vanish away (James 4:14). That’s everyday really. Time is so precious; it slips though our hands like sand. It’s so important to spend that precious time God has given us wisely.

To me, the beginning of 2018 was pretty slow actually, summer felt like one month, and October and on have felt like three weeks! I can’t even.

Setting New Years resolutions, and goals in general, help me stay on track and accomplish the important things. It’s also a very prepared and stress-free feeling when you have a game plan. I’ve gotten creative with resolutions in previous years for some fun like “no pop (or for all those who are not from the North, soda) for an entire year”. Which I actually accomplished! I also have a few goals that I “remake” every year because I can always improve in those areas. I’m excited to jump into this so let’s go>>

2019 New Years Resolutions

  • Become more fluent in Spanish
  • Reach 100 followers on the blog
  • Consistently blog post (I’m thinking post every other week)
  • Actually finish a workout program(s)
  • Complete something from my bucket list
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Read 20 books

Now the only thing to do is keep these goals! Not difficult at all, right?😜 What about you? What are some New Years resolutions and goals you guys have for 2019? Share them if you would like below! I love seeing New Years resolutions others have. It’s so encouraging and gives me inspiration! Thanks for stopping by today! Here’s to a great 2019, and good luck on those goals; you got this!

Until next time,