I have always had an interest in photography and love to play around with it. Recently I bought a set of camera lenses for my phone. I thought (and still think) that these were the greatest thing ever. What an insanely cool idea to make special camera lenses for your phone to up your “photography game” on the go! It makes me happy, lol. The set I bought is nothing professional, but I definitely will be considering getting some nice ones. It came with a macro, fish eye, and wide zoom lens. I’m not the hugest fan of the fish eye and wide zoom, but I LOVE the macro lens. It’s a lot of fun! So I decided to do a post on some of the photos I have taken in macro and hopefully give you guys some photo ideas and inspiration too! >>

Leaves, plants, etc, are great for macro pictures, especially with snow or water.

Eyes! Eyes are one of the most fascinating subjects for macro photography. Every eye is different, making every photo different. Above, I have the original photo and an edit of it.

Coins are another cool subject because there are so many shapes, colors, and possibilities! They have a lot of character to them.


These next few photos are of a typewriter. I think they are my favorite! In this one^ I accidentally had the flash on, but I kind of like how it turned out.  7ed2050e-f3c6-484d-b387-8a604965a5d3

Try abstract photos too. b6f46695-ef8b-44ab-9adc-7bdaa2163141img_1805b0022dd8-2f7f-4466-8471-168046ab64e3


These next few are just some fun, random ones.


Grab glass objects with fun patterns and try different lighting and locations.


Colorful objects like beads, crayons, pencils, and candy are fun to play with too. These are literally my little sisters beads they were playing and crafting with today, haha.

And that would conclude this post! I have enjoyed experimenting with the macro lens and have also learned a few things too. It’s such a cool type of photography! Which photo(s) was your favorite? What type of photography do you like the most? Drop any comments, ideas, or questions, below. I love hearing from you all!

Until next time,

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