I haven’t done a DIY post in what seems like forever, and I’m very excited to get into this one today! Funny story actually, so grab some tea, sis. When I first got my new phone, I was super paranoid that I would scratch it or break it, something! So we stopped by Claire’s of all places to grab one real quick. They didn’t have many cute ones (unless you like rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns…), but I got a decent one to get me by. I kept putting off buying a nice one for almost 3 months. Then, ON THE SAME DAY, my phone got a pretty bad scratch and the phone case snapped on the side. So I thought it was about time I upgrade, haha. I’ve seen the sticker phone case trend and thought it was super fun. So I ordered a clear phone case and a stinking screen protector (click the links to Amazon for the ones I got and am very happy with)! No more scratches, please! Then I DIY-ed the case and loved how it all turned out! Now that you know the events leading up to this DIY, I’m sure you’re ready to just begin already, haha. Let’s go>>


What you’ll need:

  • Stickers (or print out your images)
  • Tape or mod podge (optional but recommended)
  • scissors
  • Clear phone case

Step #1: Grab your stickers 

First things first, gather your “stickers”. I went on Pinterest, downloaded the sticker images I liked and printed them off. I made a printable/template for you guys with the stickers I used. Just save and print the image!


Step #2: Cut and arrange

Cut out the images and arrange them how you would like on the back of your phone.


Step #3: Put it together

Tape the stickers on the back of your phone or mod podge them to the case. Whatever you prefer. You could also skip this step and put the case right on top of the images. I did this at first and decided to tape them on because everything started moving around. Whatever you decide, then put your case on. You can move things around if you want to, and you are finished!

Save it on Pinterest!


What do you guys think about the sticker case trend? If you try it out let me know or share a few favorite stickers! I love seeing other’s and getting some more ideas and inspiration. I’ll probably be changing it up with new stickers/themes in the future. Thanks for stopping by today and don’t forget to like and/or comment if you enjoyed this DIY!

Until next time,

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