Christmas is so close! I cannot wait! Our Christmas break just began, and I’m loving it! So in the spirit of the season, I decided to share some DIY Christmas card ideas. These are perfect to go along with gifts or even to be given by themselves. It is much more fun to DIY cards, in my opinion, and it shows you gave time, thought, and effort for someone. So let’s hop right into this>>

I noticed I have a definite theme with this year’s Christmas cards, but I’m in love with it! (Click HERE to my 2017 DIY Christmas Cards post)


I love the combination of the brown paper card stock and the greenery! It’s giving me Magnolia Home vibes, lol.


First off, the ornament card. I started with just a plain white card and hot glued on a section of a tree branch .


From there, I drew some “string” that the ornaments would hang from. To make the ornaments, I traced a few coins on paper and cut out the circles. Hot glue the “ornaments” to the card and that’s it! Quite simple, but so adorable!



Next, the wreath card. I love this one! To start off, I cut some brown paper card stock and folded it into a card. Then, hot glue on some leaf stems in a circle.


You could leave it here and it would be adorable or if you want to add a little something, glue on a few berries.


I actually added another berry to make it more balanced, but it still looks cute either way. If you’re looking for some berries to decorate with, Trader Joe’s is selling real ones in bundles (the ones I have pictured)!

Third, we have the “Merry Christmas” card. I did the same thing as the wreath card for the card stock to start. I then grabbed a few small branches and leaf bundles and hot glued them together. I used some red and white string to tie a bow around the bundle and then hot glued the whole thing to the card. Off to the side, I wanted to add something so I wrote “Merry Christmas” in some fun writing (click HERE to see one of my calligraphy posts).


And last but not least, the “Fa la la la” card. Again, I started with a plain white card and added a bundle of a leaf and berry branch. Next, I made a bow out of twine and hot glued it onto the bundle. I then wrote “fa la la la” on some brown paper and ripped it off the card stock. It was a super thrown-together idea that I ended up loving! You can guess what I did next…hot glued it onto the card. After that, you’re finished!


Aaaand I have a little extra idea I’ll throw in. While I was cleaning up, there was a mini piece of one of the branches left over and a berry. I had a light bulb moment.


I made a little gift tag! It was super simple. Just a ripped piece of brown paper with red and white string attached and the little leave and berry in the corner. I think it would be really nice too if the paper was cut a little different, like banner type shape. So many possibilities!


That will wrap it up! I loved making these and also how they turned out! Which one was your favorite? If you have any requests for future posts or any comments and ideas, drop them below; I would love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by today, and have a Merry Christmas!

Until next time,

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