What is up you guys!

AHHH! My favorite part of school is decorating my locker! This year I wanted to go for a modern minimalist theme. I saw this one idea on an HGTV.com post for locker decorating ideas and copied it completely! Not only is it cute, but is very creative and smart! If you want to see the #1 and #2 posts in this Back to School Series, you can check them out here and here♥ Now on to the locker⇒



*This is pretty much my exact locker! The only differences are: I don’t have a dry-erase board (because the wallpaper is chalkboard, so I put everything I need on that), I have a mirror, and more Polaroids.*

Okay, first up (drum roll please)….. Chalkboard contact paper! Can you say genius!? Why I never though of this before…I don’t know, but I’m sure glad someone did! Plus it’s super cute♥ Then use washi tape to make a “to do” list.locker1

Next, is Polaroids and pics! I am obsessed with Polaroids, and love putting them up in my locker. To make some cute clips to hang your pics up, take some clothespins (or any clip), and you could paint them, add a magnet on the back, and you know, personalize!locker2

Okay, these polka-dots tho! I love this idea and think it’s adorable! It adds so much to any locker.


Lastly, use a little bin for all those extra things like pencils, snacks, or any other stuff you might need through out your day! To add to the “look” or “theme”, throw in some black and white notebooks, or binder, anything black and white, really.


So what do you think?! I love how my locker turned out, and hopefully this gave some inspiration to you! Thank you for visiting my blog♥ 

Until next time,