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Okay. More school stuff (I know), but DIY’s and hacks are really fun! DIY’s can make school life more personalized and organized, and hacks make life easier, so why not put them together in one epic Back to School post! I’ve searched what Pinterest has to offer, and compiled what I think are the best/useful/cute things for 2017 school year all right here (the search is over!). If you want to check out my #1 post in this Back to School Series check it out here♥ Now on to the hacks and DIY’s⇒


This hack is so cool! An after school routine clock. Whether you’re six or sixteen, it’s a great idea to have a visual routine/schedule to help keep you on track this school year!


Just grab an old clock or one from the store and create your schedule!


Everyone needs money, especially during the school year, right? And everyone hates having change in the their wallets right? But how much money would you have if you just set aside some of your change…

Fill a 2 liter bottle with dimes you'll save about $700.00

Penny challenge for the new year

Never hurts to have extra money this school year!


Washi tape!!! You can washi tape ANYTHING, pencils, notebooks, locker supplies, paper clips, clothes pins, the list goes on. The best part about washi tape is it makes what ever you want customized/personalized! You could also use it to organize school folders and books by color or pattern!Passion Shake | Washi tape hack: The simple way to make boring pencils cool | http://passionshake.com

10 Amazing Back To School Washi Tape DIY’s - washi tape notebooks - click through to read the rest of the projects


This hack/tip is really helpful (to me at least)! Don’t know whether to use “effect” or “affect”? Use the word “impact” instead.


Set your alarm 30 minutes or more before you’re actually supposed to get up. That way, when you’re sitting in bed or snoozing a bit longer, it will feel like you “slept in” 30 minutes!


Design your own notebook!


I think that’ll wrap her up! If you found some amazing things for this school year too, share them in the comments⇓ I know I’d love to see them, and maybe you could help someone else out too! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this was helpful to ya!

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