Decorating my locker is no joke one of my favorite things to do for back to school! It’s my own little space that I can make all personalized and organized for the school year. There’s something too about opening a fun, decorated locker versus a plain, unorganized locker. I just love to decorate and organize in general, so this is right up my alley, lol. There are so many ways to jazz your locker up, and organize it. I usually do a different “theme” every year (if you want to see my last locker ideas post click here to get some more ideas). And this year, I guess you could call my “theme” very “Magnolia homes”. I’m almost positive “Chip and Joanna Gaines” and “Fixer upper”are household names😂 So you probably know what I’m talking about. I love that style, and decided to use it as “inspiration”. All I need is some shiplap! haha.

Now let’s get on to the locker>>


For wallpaper, I used brown craft paper, and put it up on the door of my locker. I like to have a wallpaper just as a base, and then build on that.

I also have a mirror up. I put one in my locker every year! It is SO nice to have one right there so I can do a quick check on myself in between classes. My friends ask me all the time if they can use it too, lol.

Magnetic pencil holder. You should definitely grab one of these for your locker! I’ll go into a tad bit more detail about that in the “organization” part of this post, but to add a little something to it and to make it go with my theme, I added some striped washi tape to the front. Then pop in your pencils, and it’s good to go!

To-Do List. Again, more detail in the “organization” part, but from a decorative standpoint, I chose a To-Do list with greenish words and accents to match everything; I loved the set up of the list too…I can write down any of my homework or assignments I need to on here!

Pictures. Pictures are, in my opinion, one of the best decor items to put up in a locker. Especially Polaroids! You can pick any that match your theme, or just make you happy, lol. To hang them up, I have a couple of things. For some, I took a few regular binder clips, and attached magnets on the back. I also painted a clothes pin and attached a magnet on the back of that too. And for another, I just taped it up with some adorable washi tape. You can get really creative here, or even use some cute magnets.

A rug. This is like totally optional (so is everything here lol). Actually, this is my first year using a rug in my locker, and its going pretty well. I cut a square from some furry fabric we had and used that as a rug; I love how it goes with everything! There are also tons of DIY rugs you can make, so I think that would be cool to try out too. Again, personalize!

Randomness. Really, just have fun with it! I taped up a pine leaf to add some green, put a magnet in my favorite mini Tic Tac container, I added a plant (it’s fake lol) to bring in some more green, you could write fun quotes and things on the wallpaper…ANYTHING! Make it personalized and do anything to make it fun for you.


The main thing I put in my locker to help me organize is a bin/basket. This way, half of my locker can be for my books, and the other part, I have a bin to put in any extra supplies. I highly recommend you use one.

Pencil holder. This is also very nice to have, just to drop in your pencils and pens. Then they are right there in your locker (nice and neat) for whenever you need them! I have a magnetic one on my locker door, and another in the bin/basket.

To-Do List. I feel like I don’t need to say much about this, because its purpose is literally in the name. But, it is very convenient and organized to have one maybe on your door to write down reminders, homework, assignments, etc. in between classes.

And, that will wrap it up! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Share any ideas, tips, or comments you may have down below. Have a great 2018-2019 school year!

Until next time,

Chloe from…