I cannot believe April is over! Life doesn’t slow down…if anything it keeps getting faster! So today I’m reflecting on this last month and seeing how I did on my goals. April was a good month. Even though it went by quickly, looking back, a lot happened actually!

Goal Review

  • Read at least two books. I read one. So I guess I was half way there, haha. I read Animal Farm by George Orwell. It was pretty good; I had to do some research on it because the story represents the Russian Revolution and there were some deeper meanings to it than just the story. But it was interesting.
  • Write 3 blog posts. I wrote two. Again, half way there! To be honest, I was having writer’s block, but I have some ideas for May so I should be back on track!
  • Workout twice a week. Yeah, I didn’t workout twice a week…I did workout here and there and I had volleyball tryouts (look at me making all these excuses) so I wasn’t a complete potato this month, haha.
  • Read Bible everyday. Check√ Reading my Bible everyday is very important to me!
  • Pass driver’s test. Check!! I passed the test, and got my license this month! A huge milestone indeed! Thank you guys also for the good luck wishes!
  • Try a new skincare or makeup product/brand. Check√ I tried a new face wash called Cetaphil. With most face washes, my face is always super dry and I feel the need for moisturizer right away, but this face wash was not like that at all. My face feels very moisturized and clean after using. I really like it! I would definitely recommend!
  • Have “power hours”. I did not have any power hours this month, but I am for sure putting back on my goals list for May!
  • Follow and morning/night routine. Check√ Although I did not follow them everyday, it really helped me. Sometimes I don’t know where to start each morning and night, so writing out a routine and following it was very helpful!
  • Less screen time. I don’t think I unplugged as much as I could have. Definitely something I need to improve this May.
  • Don’t stress too much. It’s pretty hard to not stress when taking a driver’s test or getting your license, but I really did try to just breathe and not not stress too too much;)

Looking back…

April had a lot of fun memories! My class and I threw a surprise baby shower for our teacher; I had a very special birthday; my youth group and I went to a football game (that we hair sprayed our hair green for) and went bowling; I had my first massage/spa day; some good friends from out of town visited; and we had a lot of our family over for Easter. There were fun times and good laughs, but also those days that were boring or not the greatest. I’m thankful for all the days though! I know I say it a lot, but I really cannot believe how fast 2019 is going by! I really need to just enjoy each moment and make the most of the time I’m given. It’s precious!

That will wrap up this little monthly review and reflection. I am very excited for May 2019 and hope to see you guys around! Thanks for stopping by today:) Keep calm and remember that summer is near!

Until next time,

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