Winter has some of my favorite fashion and trends, so I decided to share a few winter outfit ideas I’ve put together. This is the very first “outfit ideas” post I’ve ever done, and I’m very excited to do so! These are some of my go-to outfits in the winter and colder months. You will definitely notice I have a few staples I wear in a couple of outfits (they go with everything), and a lot of items are from Old Navy, haha. I’ll share where I got everything so you guys can find what you like! Let’s hop right into this>>

Outfit #1


For this outfit, I paired it with my yellow Vans to be more casual, and black slip-ons to dress it up. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Chambray shirt- Target

Black jeans- JCPenney

Black slip-ons- Nordstrom Rack

Yellow checkered Vans- Vans (who would have guessed?!)

Outfit #2


These black jeans go with everything! This is very similar to outfit #1 with just a few differences.

Gray sweater- Old Navy

Necklace- Amazon

Scrunchie- Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #3


This is one of my favorites! Dressy casual is perfect to wear really anywhere, and the pom-pom shoes are fun with any outfit!

Striped long sleeve- Amazon

Cardigan- Old Navy

Pom-pom shoes- Meijer

Sunglasses- Old Navy

Outfit #4


Mom jeans and crop sweater. So simple, but cozy and cute! Also, if you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for scrunchies.

Sweater and jeans- JCPenney

Scrunchie- American Eagle

Outfit #5


Another cozy, dressy-casual outfit <3 It’s very easy to make any summer outfit into something warm for winter just by adding a cardigan. I would also wear this with my white Converse to go more casual.

Cardigan- Old Navy

Necklace- Lulus

Well that will wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed and got some fun ideas for outfits this winter! What is your favorite trend this winter/year? Share any comments, ideas, or questions below! And shoutout to my sista for being my photographer today;)

Until next time,

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