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Welcome to day #8 of my 12 Days of Christmas series! I’ll be sharing winter/Christmas inspired blog posts from December 14-25. Don’t miss one! Question of the day: What is the funniest gift you ever received? Share in the comments below♥

Story time. Today at school was our last day, and now I’m on Christmas Break!!! Our last day was really fun. It really wasn’t school though. A month ago, our high school split into groups, and we had to write and act our own Christmas play about a country and their Christmas traditions. My group chose Ireland (because we had two red-heads in the group;p shout out to Keaira!). So basically it was about a group of friends that wanted to do something nice for the Irish exchange students visiting. So they throw an Irish Christmas surprise party, but they decorate with all the “misconceptions” of Ireland (pots of gold, rainbows, leprechauns, etc). So the exchange students come, and re-do the party to a real Irish Christmas with a couple of their traditions (some are ridiculous)! After the play, we did a ginger bread house competition! The families and students broke off into teams ,with high school students as team leaders, and all decorated a ginger bread house with the hope of winning! It was really fun! And to top it all off… MY GROUP WON! Oh, it was SO exciting! We got some candy as a prize (the victory was even sweeter)! So I thought I’d share the winning ginger bread house, and maybe some ideas for yours too!


Did I mention we only has 30 minutes to decorate? Well, we did. So although it may not be the best ginger bread house, the judges thought it was the best one at the competition! And it was fun to make with friends and family! First, the tree. I wanted to do a tree with a ice cream cone and frosting, but we didn’t have that so I took the foil on the inside of the frosting container and folded it in a cone shape! We then coated it in frosting and holly leaf sprinkles. It got so many comments!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The little light post was my grandma’s idea. It is so cute! A candy cane for the base, and a gum drop for the “light”!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, the wreath. That was my sister who did that. We had some green fondant on our table, so we put it to use, by making a wreath with it! Again with the holly leaf sprinkles, my sister did such a good job putting them on!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We used life savers for the path, and gum drops for the fence or perimeter of the house, too. On the roof, we put a scalloped pattern. And the door is obviously made with peppermints:)

Thank you for visiting! I hope you had fun seeing how our “30 minute win” (and what a fun “30 minute win it was) went! Have fun this holiday season and Merry Christmas!

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