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Ah, photography. Such a beautiful thing! I love taking pictures, mostly of micro and outdoor/nature. Recently I took some pictures that I thought came out pretty well and wanted to share them give some inspiration and ideas for your winter photography!


That night was so beautiful♥ Night photography is still pretty new to me, but very fun to experiment with!


Crazy how big those flakes are!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Christmas lights in the background (love)! Did you notice the tiny, little snowflake!? *screams because can’t take in that much cuteness at one time*OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So blue! Favorite two pictures by far!⇑⇓OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


More snowflakes! A little obsessed♥

Winter is such a gorgeous season for photography. I absolutely love how God shows His handiwork in nature! Each snowflake is different…I don’t think, actually, I know I couldn’t come up with that many designs even if I tried! He is so amazing. Thank you for stopping by! I hope this gave you some inspiration for your winter photography. I’d love to see some of your photos too!

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