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Welcome to day #11 of this 12 Days of Christmas series! You guys know the drill, so I’m going to jump right in to the… question of the day: What is your favorite season and why? Share in the comments below♥

HOHOHO! You guys. It’s Christmas Eve. *Clears throat* I repeat, Christmas Eve! Has this year not gone by in a whirl wind! I’m ready for 2018, but I’m still mentally getting over the fact that 2017 is pretty much…done. We have 7 more days to put our mark on 2017, to do whatever we need, and then it’s gone, and we can never get it back. That’s the creepy thing about time. That’s just another reason why God is so amazing. He created time. Time doesn’t and can’t have a hold on Him. Ah! My brain hurts!

Anyway, sorry I got on a rabbit trail there! Calligraphy! Yes. I love calligraphy! It’s such a fun art. There are quite a few styles of calligraphy, and I wanted to share how to draw it, give some freebie-printable worksheets, and some inspiration for those of you who already (or will) have calligraphy down! First things first I found this blog called Kelly Creates, and it’s amazing! Her calligraphy is so beautiful, and she makes worksheets, and guides, for those who want to learn the art. Recently she just did some giveaways for Christmas, so you’ll have to check it out (just click the name of the blog I wrote previously↑ it will take you to her website). And… in an older post, when I first started blogging, I did a calligraphy post and showed the jist of calligraphy. You can see that here. But I think I’ve improved quite a bit since then, so I decided to do an updated post, with a Christmas theme! The basic idea for calligraphy is to have light pressure on your pen when going up on your letter, and have more pressure going down. Like this:


Here is the latest worksheet by Kelly Creates, It says “Noel” and is very pretty! For more subscribe for her newsletter. noel dec 2017 kelly creates freebie

Now mine…


Here are a few of the pens I use in my art, although my favorite way to do calligraphy is with chalk/chalkboard.


I write this pretty much everywhere!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Funny story, actually. My little sister picked up the camera and just took this picture! I thought she did pretty good for a 5-year-old!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I write this quote probably too much as well! I just love it.


I’ve done signs for parties, showers, etc. It’s a lot of fun once you get it down! My only problem is I try making everything perfect, so it may take me a while… haha!

So there is a little of one of my hobbies! I know I’ve said it’s really fun a lot, but that’s because there is no other way to say it! For some people it’s relaxing, others just a hobby, different for everyone. I just enjoy doing it and making something pretty! That’ll wrap her up, so thanks for visiting, and Merry Christmas EVE!

Until next time,