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Welcome to #10 of this 12 Days of Christmas series! Question of the day: Who is your favorite Disney character? Share in the comments below♥

In our family, we have this one tradition called the “Polar Express” or “Minivan Express”! My mom makes tickets, hot chocolate, snacks, and this year a scavenger hunt list, then we get dressed into our pajamas. After we get our stuff, we hop on the”train”and my dad drives all of us to different Christmas light shows.Most of them have a certain radio station you turn on, and the lights “dance” to the music. There are quite a few in our area (within an hours distance at least). It’s so much fun, and  we’ve made so many memories! I have some freebie printables of the “minivan/polar express” tickets and Christmas light scavenger hunt list here:



Just click on the printable above you would like to view, and print. I hope this was a help in giving a fun tradition or activity idea. Thanks for visiting, and Merry Christmas!

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