What is up you guys!

Welcome to #2 of this 12 Days of Christmas series! Today I’m sharing some DIY Christmas card ideas. I love DIY’s and making things your own, more personal! What’s more special than knowing someone put time and thought into your card than just buying it from the store? Question of the day: What is your favorite Christmas song? Share in the comments below♥


Gift tags! Easy-peasy-lemon-sqeezy, but so cute!

First start by tracing out a gift tag shape onto card stock, then cut it out.


  • Second, draw the “Christmas light string” onto the tag.


  • Last, just draw on the light bulbs and a little holiday message. You can cut a hole on the top for ribbon or string too. And you’re done!


Card #2


This card is quite simple, but to me that is what makes it cute! Not too much.

  • The only thing you need to do for this card is cut out some card stock and draw your banner and message. I have a step by step guide to drawing a banner here!

Card #3


I love this crafty Christmas tree card!

  • Find lyrics to a song or poem and print them out.
  • Tear pieces and glue them onto your card stock to make a tree shape.
  • Add a star to the top and you’re finished!

Card #4


Okay, so I didn’t make this one, but I couldn’t help but share! It’s such a cute idea. I will definitely be making this!

Which card was your favorite, or which one do you think you’ll DIY?                                      Before you go, I want to throw something in here. Not going to lie, I am always trying to make things perfect. Pictures, projects, you name it! Like today. I was stressing about trying to make every picture, every letter and drawing the way I wanted it to come out (perfect), but not all the time can I do that. No one is perfect. No one! Not even the people who seem to have it all together. We’re all going to mess up and have flaws (like everyday)! Life is messy, so let’s just embrace it! Sure, some times are messier than others, but if life was perfect, how boring would that be, right?! So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, behind every picture, behind every blog post all around the world, there’s a messy person. Like you. Like me. That’s one thing I love about blogging. Everyone is doing the same thing. Just trying to share a bit of what they love! It may come in different shapes and sizes, but that’s because nobody is the same, therefore, we all have different ways of sharing it! So let’s all keep this in mind. That way, when all the hustle and bustle of the season is everywhere, we don’t forget that there’s a person just like you and me behind the picture.  xoxo Thanks for stopping by!

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