Hello everyone!

Most people are on spring break this week, so I wanted to share some ideas of things to do on break! We went to Florida this year for spring break, so a lot of these activities are great if you’re down there. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, you should definitely try some of these!

  • Beach! Here are just some of the many things to do on the beach: boogie boarding (it’s like surfing, but on a smaller board, with smaller waves, and you’re on your stomach), look for shells and shark teeth (we found tons of little shark teeth), football games (like 3 fly’s up, jackpot, or just to throw around), paddle ball (at least, that’s what we call it! It’s two large ping-pong paddles and a small ball that you hit back and forth with someone else), crabbing (usually at night), and walks/runs.
  • Aquarium. We went to the Gulfarium. I highly recommend it!
  • Blue Angels. People come to watch them from all over America, and I would too! Here is the website. You can watch them for free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during spring break when they practice! There is a museum I recommend too!
  • Putt-putt/arcade. This is a super great option for a “Hey, want to go somewhere?” kind of evening!
  • Dolphin cruise. These rides are really cool! We saw a lot of action from the dolphins when we went! They were jumping out of the water and everything!
  • Kayaking. Beautiful views with a bit of an arm workout!
  • Eat some where you’ve never been. This can be an awesome experience with great food, or the complete opposite….So use TripAdvisor!
  • Souvenir shopping. Even if it’s some thing little, it’s fun to remember your trip by something! I like t-shirts best! (hats are up there too)
  • Photography.  Whether it’s with your Polaroid or digital camera, take some pictures of the beautiful things around you! I got some great photos with my Polaroid of sunsets and palm trees♥
  • Read a new book. Whether it’s on the beach, by the pool, or cuddled up on a rainy day, try a new book! It’s a great way to pass the time.

And that would wrap it up! Thank you for visiting, and I hope this was helpful or just a fun read!

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