What is up you guys!

Bored? Stressed? And looking for something to do? Well, I’m here to help! These stress balls are so satisfying and addictive! This DIY is perfect for any person from 9 to 99. It’s quick, easy, and definitely fun! Don’t worry about having to go to the store or on Amazon to buy some foreign or unheard of supplies and ingredients… all you’ll need is:

  • Balloons
  • A funnel (I’ll show you how to make one!)
  • Flour

Y’all. That’s literally it! Three ingredients and you’re on your way to ending boredom and stress! So here. we. go.

Grab a balloon and, if you don’t have a funnel on hand, a water bottle and scissors. Cut the top off the water bottle to make the funnel. Attach the balloon to the nozzle of the water bottle. DSC00759Pour flour into the funnel until the balloon is filled. Tie it off and…voila!

We did this DIY outside. It can get a little messy!




Tip: Don’t fill the balloon to its complete max capacity! Also, the stress balls are not the strongest/durable things in the world. Yes, you can squish and stretch to your hearts desire, but practice caution (or else you will end up with a face full of flour)! So just treat it like a regular balloon that’s filled with air. No knives, needles, rough play, and stuff like that.

That’ll wrap it up! Thanks for visiting, and I hope love this DIY!

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