The day I have dreaded in near…the end of summer is here. I can’t believe how fast this summer went by! I feel like it should still be July. That’s life though, isn’t it? It’s here and then gone in a flash. But let’s not be so negative! Each day holds something new, and the future school year ahead is full of new opportunities and memories! My favorite part about going back to school is back to school shopping. I like feeling prepared and having fresh packs of supplies to break into. In this year’s Back to School post, I’ll be doing a haul of all my supplies and locker decor. Maybe you’ll pick up some ideas, inspiration, or realize you forgot something, haha. So let’s get right into it⇒



Here is the supply list for my school:

  • Bible
  • American Heritage dictionary
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Spiral-bound notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Blue or black pens
  • 2 red pens
  • 3×5 and 4×6 index cards
  • Compass, protractor, and ruler
  • Student planner
  • Scientific calculator
  • Highlighters

If you remember my Back to School haul from 2017, you know this is my favorite of all school supplies: the Five Star Hybrid Notebinder. It’s a notebook and binder in one. It has folders, notebook paper, graphing paper, and flexible rings that you can snap open and close to add more paper, take papers out, etc. I love it! Every class has its own folder. I would highly recommend getting one for school to make your life easier and more organized.


I got two notebooks. One for geometry and the other is a backup. There’s always uses for an extra notebook in high school, haha. Plus, they coordinate and are really cute so there’s that. 🙂


I really like this planner! The outside is a linen type material that I love. It has monthly and weekly/daily calendars which are exactly what I need for writing down homework and assignments. Score! My mom found it TJ Maxx along with a ton of other cute planners if you’re looking for one!


For pencils, my sister and I got a huge pack of BIC mechanical pencils that we are big fans of. The BIC Intesity pens are my all-time favorite pens! I use them for bullet journaling and they work amazing. I prefer felt tip pens in general, so these are perfect! Highly recommend! Then I have gel highlighters because deep down I’m still in 3rd grade. I found these at Target for $3 and couldn’t resist!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Just your basic index cards, eraser, calculator and book cover. The pack on the left is a 15 piece math/geometry set by Mr. Pen. We found it on Amazon, and it’s really good quality. I’ve been impressed by it. Here’s the link if you’re interested. 


And of course, an American Heritage dictionary (I’ve had it from like 5th grade lol), and my Bible, the most important thing on the list.

backpack from target

I got my backpack from Target! I love the camel color leather on the handle and bottom of the bag. The thick knitted material on the backpack is also super fun! It all goes really well together!

Locker Decor


First, I have a white magnetic pencil holder from Target. It has pretty strong magnets and came off the locker wall only a few times throughout last school year because I probably shut the door too hard, lol. I also have a rug for the bottom of the locker that I made by cutting out a square from some faux fabric.


Next, is this gold memo board. I found it at Meijer, and thought it was the most clever thing! It has strong magnets on the edges so you just stick it on the door or wall of the locker! I added a few pictures to match the theme I’m trying to go with.


I got the black mesh cup holder from the Dollar Tree. I like having it in my locker for random pencils, pens, etc. I even used it as a mini trashcan before! Then I have some clips with magnets on the back for pictures or notes. I always keep some washi tape in my locker for things like that too!

Peep me behind the camera, lol.

I always have a mirror in my locker! It’s so nice. I got this one from Locker Lookz a while ago. It had a frame on it, but I took it off for just a modern circle mirror. The magnet on this thing is incredible. It’s not going anywhere.


This photo clip/display I think I got from Hobby Lobby. It’s perfect for Polaroids!

Gotta have Squidward.

I’m full on the sticker trend train! I love it! You can really get creative here. I cut out some “stickers” I liked and can’t wait to decorate with them. I have them all pinned in a DIY board on the blog’s Pinterest for you guys!

And that will wrap it up! Phew! I know that was a lot. I was thinking about doing a post with my locker all put together/first week of school report if you guys would like to see it! When do you guys go back to school? What were your favorite things in the haul/one thing you can’t go back to school without? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you all! Thanks for stopping by today. Here’s to the 2019-2020 school year!

Until next time,

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