I know how painful it is to acknowledge the fact that Christmas break has come to an end. I also know we all probably procrastinated on a lot over the break as well. So we’re going to tackle that to-do list of things you need to get done before *sniff *tear…going back-to-school. I am in no way a perfect student (ha, funny) or have it all together! These things have helped me and I wanted to share with my fellow students! Hopefully, this will help reduce the number of mental breakdowns you may suffer and make life less stressful! Now let’s get started!

#1: Clean out your backpack

The reason this is the first thing you should do is that once your backpack is clean and organized, everything else will be so much easier to keep track of. Throw away those papers you don’t need, trash, etc., put all those random objects back where they belong (that’s where my hair ties went!), and even wash it if needed. Restock it with the supplies you actually need (folders, new paper, fresh notebook, pencils, etc). Ah…that’s better.

#2: Clean your room and do laundry

I think I see a pattern. Is it me or during the school week there isn’t even much time to clean your room? Or it at least gets put on the back burner. Take advantage of the time you have now to do those things you wouldn’t normally do. Get all of your clothes ready to be worn and organize that pile in your closet or under the bed (we all have it). You will feel so much better having a clean slate. You’ll be able to focus on schoolwork knowing everything else is tidy.

#3: Make sure all work due soon is finished

You knew this was coming. πŸ˜‰ Even if the assignment isn’t due right away, having it done will take a load off your shoulders. It never hurts to plan ahead and be prepared. Again, use the time you have now to help your future self. I’m also going to add one more thing under this point: make sure anything that needed to be signed and/or turned in is taken care of and in your backpack.Β 

#4: Get back into a sleep routine

If you are anything like me, you have been going to bed at midnight and sleeping until 11, which won’t help when it comes to getting up early for school. Get back into your sleep routine for school a few days before so you’re adjusted (and if you don’t have multiple days before school like me…go to bed way earlier than you normally would so you at least get enough hours of sleep).

#5: Relax

Don’t forget to soak up time with family and friends! Read that book, watch that movie or episode, take a bath, put on the facemask, eat a really good meal, and relax. Spring break will be here before we know it. πŸ˜‰

Do you have any helpful things to add to the “back to school to-do list”? Drop them in the comments! I’m sure we would all love the tips! Thanks for stopping by and reading today! I hope that you have a great week getting back into the swing of things! You got this.

Until next time,